Blueberry, Dusky Pink and Grey Greens

Come August as children we would be scouring the moor for wild bilberries (a close relation of blueberries) and come home with purple tongues and purple fingers. By September we were scrabbling around in the hedgerows collecting blackberries too. We had all good intentions of bilberry pies and blackberry jam but I think we ate most of them. I think that’s why I have such a soft spot for this colour it reminds me of childhood summers so much.

The blueberry has a colour all its own, at its heart it is a deep indigo blue but covered in a dusty sheen it takes on a denim hue. It tones beautifully with other dark blues from the indigo and navy family and contrasts well with dusky pinks, blush and pale greens, bright whites, ivories and creams.

I have chosen different flowers and the silvery greens of succulents to highlight how well these colours work together. From anemones, with the deepest of indigo centres, to the blueberry itself, the everchanging blues of muscari with lily of the valley, the architectural forms of suculents in greens and almost silver grey, the blush of peonies, cream of roses, pink ranunculus and variagated pinks of sweet william.

I have often mentioned the use of paint chart swatches as a good way to create a colour palette and I’ve replicated that idea here to give you an idea of how much easier it is to carry around a pack of cards in your bag when choosing your accessories and decor items.

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