Charms, frocks, gossip and a taste of summer

Friday-FavouritesCan honestly say thank crunchie its Friday!

It’s been a funny old week, lots of design work, moodboards and swatch cards, bouquets and new products – all good stuff. A proper little hive of activity.

On the flip side Facebook decided to make changes to their app which rather confused the website and that needed sorting, throw in a rather stressful time with couriers and one lonely little parcel eventually getting to its destination. Quite frankly I could have ridden my old pushbike and taken it myself and it would have been quicker, am, in all honestly, pooped.

But hey! It’s nearly the weekend and time for a few Friday Favourites so I get to share the things that have popped up this week that have caught my eye, found inspirational or made me smile.

Have been all gooey and romantic on the blog this week, must be coming up to Valentines or something :) Everywhere I look it’s hearts this and hearts that, which to be honest I find a little bit predictable, then I saw these silver charms that you can put your own secret message in and fair swooned, aren’t they just delightful. Plus wouldn’t they make a super bridesmaid gift.


There seem to be more and more charms, as bracelets and necklaces, cropping up just lately and think they may be making a bit of a comeback so watch out I feel a trend coming on! These are from Apple Eye

I spotted these very grown up and sexy wedding gowns by Ersa Atelier, with just the right amount of fairytale princess, for more of the 2013 collection hop on over to Wedding Inspirasi


Fancy making something a little bit different and a little less heart shaped for your Valentine? Then try out these ombre white chocolate cherries for size, would be pretty for any occasion or dessert table perhaps, hot off the press from Style Me Pretty, they have two more edible treats and a cocktail recipe too.


Have you heard the gossip? Some bright spark has found a solution to our much reduced newsfeed on Facebook!

4Image Steven Meisel and Grace Coddington via The Fashion Journalista

If you, like me, have been frustrated lately by Facebook’s shenanigans and have found your newsfeed sadly lacking in sharing posts from your favourite pages then spread the word. Simply copy and paste this

into the address bar  on a new tab, it will open up your newsfeed undoctored so you can see all the pages you like. Save the page to your favourites and then just open it up when you log on to Facebook. Plus it sits next to your Facebook tab and is a lot more convenient to flick to than going between your wall and your home button.

Do you like a bit of flash mobbing? How about wedding flash mobbing? Or better still wedding flash mobbing West End Musical style? Even if it’s not something you’d do yourself I think it’s pretty impressive!

At the beginning of this post I mentioned I had a bit of a kerfuffle with couriers, well despite the fact that it took a week rather than the two days promised my little parcel arrived safe and sound and the patient recipient sent me a very lovely email to say how much she loved everything so this one Tracey is for you – sometime this year we will meet at mine for tea and strawberries in the shade of the magnolia tree :)


Hope today’s blog has brought a little sunshine to Friday, have a fab weekend and see you all on Monday xx

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