Finding your favourite things

Everyone loves Pinterest – don’t they?

It’s a fabulous source for finding things in your chosen colour, getting ideas and inspirations. However, one of the most frustrating things is when you happen on something and you know that it is just what you are looking for but you have no clue whatsoever where to source it.

Or, you stumble across a website with a brilliant moodboard but the author hasn’t had the foresight, or the courtesy, to put the orginal sources on. I do find this humongously irritating because 99% of the time although time consuming it is quite easy to track back to the original photographer, stylist or supplier. I try my very best to do this so that when you are looking for inspirations or products you can actually find them!

For example, I love the richness of this table centre which uses a mix of flowers, fruit and foliage to create an autumnal feel, found on use their easy search facility to find inspiration in your colour palette or style

Snippet & Ink are one of my favourite sources for ideas and inspirations, their moodboards are packed full of images and unlike some wedding inspiration sites they give a full list of sources for each one.  This one is entitled Caramel and Cream but I think the pear element fits well with our Plum and Pear theme this week. Follow the link for all the details.

Another fave website is Style Me Pretty, not only do they feature real weddings like this one here which are perfect for inspiring your own choices but they also have a range of features, DIY’s and suppliers so you can track down things that you want to add to your own day.

Finally, for those of you who get frustrated when you are trying to track things down, especially from Pinterest which can you lead you round the houses. Here is a simple way to find the source.

First open a new tab in Google, click on Images and then click on the camera icon in the search box.┬áNext go back to the image you have found and hold down the left click on your mouse and drag the image to the Google tab – the tab will open and allow you to drop the image into the search box.

Google will now find every site that the image has appeared on, this is the time consuming bit. Usually the original source is at the top or fairly near the top of the listings, ignore the Pinterest pages you will just be back to square one! Like I said 99% of the time you will happen on the original, although occasionally you won’t find the source but at least you will know you have tried :)

So what are your Friday Favourites? I have a heap of pear recipes (it being the season, cheap and plentiful at the mo) coming up on Facebook today so highly likely I’ll be in the kitchen whipping up a storm :)

What will you be up to this weekend?

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