Guaranteed blue skies for your wedding

Imagine a sky of brilliant blue, white clouds like cotton candy, the sun on your face and freckles on your nose.

There is no getting away from it if you live in the Northern hemisphere, even in the height of summer we get rain and dull days. Not that I’m wishing for it but worth considering how you might create that warm sundrenched summers day feeling even on the dullest of days.

Now I am not a huge fan of wedding balloons but I think used in a certain way they can look spectacular, here I have gone with this weeks Mediterranean theme but you could use the same ideas to match your colour scheme.

Think artistically, white balloons against a blue sky their simple stark simplicity. With larger helium filled balloons and sheer white voile create a tenting canopy. Images left to right, balloons against a blue sky Not Martha, Architectural design by Gustafson Porter, landscape architect and designer of London’s Diana Memorial water feature in Hyde Park from David Lavene’s article on the Venice Architecture Biennial in the Guardian

Fill different sized blue and white balloons with helium, drop a marble inside before blowing up so the balloon hangs smooth side down, group them together to create sky and clouds and let them float up to create a sky ceiling. Or, use ribbon and streamers in shades that match your theme and let them float to the sky of your marquee or venue like kites on the breeze. Left image Wedding Bee right image Axxio Beyond Words

If you are a diy diva then this project will be perfect, create ethereal balls of lightfilled lace or woven string using nothing more than balloons, paste, lace doiles or string and spray paint. Once completed hang with invisible fishing wire from the ceiling. If you want to get really creative pop flower heads, paper or silk, in your woven string baubles by cutting an opening in the top once dry and reglueing in place before drying and hanging. Woven string balloon baubles tutorial on Matrimonial Meg and how to make a hanging lace lamp on Apartment Therapy

Balloons and helium available from suppliers throughout the country or use a balloon hire company.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog, bringing a little sunshine and blue skies, if you try any of the tutorials do let me know how they go and pictures to share would be even more fab :)

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