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Today’s first edition feature article talks about styling your bridal party and the benefits of going for the mis-matched look.

The choices for styling your bridal party have never been more exciting and one of the best trends from last year that looks set to continue is mis-matched bridesmaids.  It isn’t for everyone but it does give you more choice when you are planning.  Bridesmaids are made up of our closest friends and family, they come in all shapes and sizes and what suits one may not suit another.  Then there are the financial considerations of buying, hiring or having made two, three or more bridesmaids dresses when a more cost effective option are the many lovely dresses on the high street that could look equally stunning. And of course after the big day, an individual dress can be worn again and if your bridesmaids are buying their own outfit this is a major consideration. Want to try it but afraid that you won’t get it right? Worried that your maids will look like they are guests at your wedding rather than your attendants? Here are some guidelines that should help you get it spot on.


Collect colour sample swatch cards that are used for selecting custom mixed paint in the colour that matches your scheme, you now have a handy tool for you and your bridesmaids to use when dress shoppping. If you have decided on simple one colour dresses then your bridesmaids simply choose a dress in one of the shades. If you want patterned dresses choose one or two colours from the swatch and choose patterns that include these colours. Another good tip is to look at home furnishings and china in different shades, textures and patterns and how they complement each other to give yourself confidence when selecting patterned fabrics.


You can be totally trusting and allow your bridesmaids to choose their style without your input, or, you can give them guidance on things such as length, sleeves, straps or strapless.  If you are going for a vintage theme in a particular era you might want to share pictures to inspire their choices. If you feel you need to have a little more control you can go with them when they are buying but be sure to allow them some choice they will feel much more comfortable on the day.

Tie in Accessories

You can either go for a complete mismatched look and have different shoes, accessories and flowers – again go with the shades and style tips for this.  Or, a good way of tying the look together is to have matching style accessories such as shoes, fascinators, flowers etc

Don’t just feel you have to limit this to your bridesmaids, if you’re dearly beloved is having groomsmen as well as a best man then you can follow the same, colour, style and accessories rules. One final thought people who feel comfortable in the clothes they wear are more confident and happy, confident people make for great photos!

For more inspiration take a look at Fuxia Atelier’s blog piece which has lots of photos including her sisters wedding, Elise Bergman’s blog post Maids in Lace and OneWeds Retro Bridesmaids.

Photo credits: Title photo found on Pretty Lady Society , Paint Swatch Charles P Rogers, China Dream a Little Dream, Dresses Les Bonnes Idees, Bridesmaids Shoes and Bouquets Belle Magazine

Photoshoots and Real Weddings

Under the Vintage Veil presents a very vintage engagement shoot and touches on why people choose them, also from Under the Vintage Veil this gloriously simple and beautiful, magical secret garden wedding.  If you fancy an engagement shoot yourself then a Pretty Practical Wedding has some unique engagement photo ideas on her blog.

Something a Little Bit Different

Take a peek at these two Neon Love from Want That Wedding and A Steampunk Wedding from Braedon’s Blog I think they are fabulous!  If you like this then you might also like -

Style Tips, Giveaway and Exclusive Offer

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That’s your lot for this weeks Wedding Wednesday, would love your feedback in the comments section below and would also love to hear your suggestions for anything you would like to see included in future editions :)

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