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Worried about the whole posing for photos bit of your big day?  Fear not! Today’s guest blog is from the wonderful husband and wife team Tony and Carol Jones at AphroditeNet. Not only do they produce amazing and beautiful wedding photography that captures your day perfectly their experience working with couples, on bridal shoots and portrait photography will ensure that you feel relaxed and  comfortable.

Following on from my previous blog about choosing your bouquet style one of the areas that brides and bridesmaids feel most uneasy with is how to pose with a bouquet, here are Tony and Carol’s tips on getting the most out of your posed photos.

Posing with a Bouquet – Photo tips for the Bride and Bridesmaids

For many couples, their wedding day will be their first adult experience of being photographed by a professional photographer. Many people feel uncomfortable being in front of the camera and having their photo taken, and with so much happening and so much to remember, posing for wedding day photo’s can prove particularly stressful.

Today the trend is very much towards reportage and documentary photography rather than ‘posed’ images, but as wedding photographers we are aware that even during informal shots many brides and bridesmaids are unsure how to hold a bouquet and sometimes feel a little uncertain as to what they should be doing with their flowers! As a result their poses can look awkward, and the bouquet can often hide beautiful bodice and dress details.

In many wedding photos brides with traditional posy style bouquets can sometimes look as if they are hiding behind their bouquet, and this is because there is a tendency to hold the bouquet too high, therefore preventing the guests and the photographer from seeing the brides face or the bodice of her dress. It also lifts the brides arms into a horizontal position thereby creating an unflattering line which automatically ‘cuts’ the body in half.


Brides and bridesmaids need to consciously hold their bouquet low, this means their faces and bodice of the dresses can be clearly seen by all, and also means the arms are placed at a 45-degree angle, thereby making the body look longer and leaner. A good trick is to rest each wrist on the top of the hipbones, then slide them across to the front – this is the ideal position and perfect height for a bouquet. This position also works very well with cascade bouquets too.


With an arm sheath bouquet brides and bridesmaids need to remember to hold the bouquet across the arm. This is a slightly unnatural position but one which is easy to practise with some long-stemmed flowers. The trick is to make sure that the sheath bouquet can clearly be seen in the wedding photos, so it will need to be slightly tilted towards the front. If it is too flat and horizontal it will not be seen to its best advantage.

There is no doubt that posing with a wedding bouquet is a unique skill in itself, but these tips show that it can easily be mastered and even practised before the big day!


To see more of Tony’s work, visit their website

You might also want to take a peek at their blog which has a host of articles, interviews and fab photography to inspire you as well as details on their latest special offer a 2012 Leap Year Proposal Package.


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